Our dedicated Senior Leadership Team here at Chesterfield are here to help our students get the very best out of Chesterfield, and themselves. Click to find out a little more about them. You can also book a one-to-one chat with some of our Senior Leadership Team in our Zoom Room.

<b>Kevin Sexton</b><br>Headteacher

Kevin Sexton

Responsible for the Vision & Ethos of the school, Governance & Oversight, Finance, Marketing & Resources, Leadership & Professional Development

<b>Paul Lindley</b><br>Deputy Headteacher

Paul Lindley
Deputy Headteacher

Responsible for Admissions, Punctuality & Attendance, Safeguarding Lead / Duties, CPD, PPD & Appraisal, 6th Form

<b>Jo Vincent</b><br>Assistant Headteacher

Jo Vincent
Assistant Headteacher

Responsible for Quality Assurance & Curriculum, School Improvement Liaison & Coordination, Department Reviews & SES, Data Quality Assurance & Accuracy, Student & Parent Voice, Timetable, ITT, NQT & RQT

<b>Chris Loughlin</b><br>Assistant Headteacher

Chris Loughlin
Assistant Headteacher

Quality of Education, Intent, Implementation & Impact, Intervention for Success, Reporting: Significant Task Management, Marking & Feedback, Science & Technology, Humanities, Staff Cover

<b>Lynne Sedley</b><br>Assistant Headteacher

Lynne Sedley
Assistant Headteacher

Personal Development, Careers, Information & Guidance, PIXL Edge/Enrichment, PSCHEE/S.R.E. Policy, Assemblies, Equalities& Diversity, Safeguarding

<b>Gemma Quinn</b><br>Assistant Headteacher

Gemma Quinn
Assistant Headteacher

Behaviour & Inclusion, Attitudes to learning, Rewards & Celebration, LAC/SEND Students, SEND External Liaison, TAs & Support staff, Safeguarding

<b>Michael Coogan</b><br>Assistant Headteacher

Michael Coogan
Assistant Headteacher

Maths & English, Intent, Implementation & Impact, Intervention for Success, Reading & Writing, HAPS/PPG, Marking & Feedback, Computer Science

<b>Penny Allen</b><br>Director Of Well-Being

Penny Allen
Director Of Well-Being

Mental Health / Well-being / Anti-bullying, Alternative Provision, Vulnerable Students, Safeguarding

<b>Jon Duffy</b><br>Associate Assistant Headteacher

Jon Duffy
Associate Assistant Headteacher

Digital CPD, Exams & Assessment, School MIS / GDPR